About The Little Cove

With careful observation Dr. Montessori developed her system of early education.

Montessori Approach:

Montessori believed in self-education.the primary goal of the Montessori Approach was for children to “learn how to learn”. this approach allowed the child to explore materials that were meant to instruct. certain materials were given to the child by the teacher in a prescribed sequence. This sequence was related to the child’s physical and mental development.
Montessori feel that this approach would provide the child freedom with limits.

Children would learn naturally if placed in a prepared learning environment with the appropriate learning games. The little cove is such an environment where children play games to learn how to write and strengthen muscles of the before writing. - The Little cove Montessori school focuses on the development of the senses, language and motor skills with a view to prepare a child’s mind and body for future learning class rooms are designed so students can learn by themselves.

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